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Quotes Меня зовут Маша, мне 18 лет, и этим летом я отправилась в Испанию в качестве участницы программы культурного обмена. В Испании я провела полтора месяца, жила в испанской семье, день за днём погружаясь в культуру этой страны, узнавая её изнутри. В мои обязанности входили занятия с детьми на английском по два часа в день в течение будней.Всё остальное время было полностью в моём распоряжении. Знание испанского в самом начале поездки оставляло желать лучшего, однако уже через несколько недель я почувствовала,что ощутимо расширился словарный запас и стало проще воспринимать устную речь на слух и общаться с испанцами:) Я очень благодарна Мэри за бесценный для меня опыт участия в этой программе, расширение моих горизонтов. Это был первый, но, надеюсь, не последний подобный опыт, который принёс много положительных эмоций и стал настоящим трамплином в языковом плане. Quotes
Программа культурного обмена в Испании

Quotes I came to Spain this summer at the end of July and was staying there for one and a half month. I lived with a Spanish family in Cambados, Galicia. My responsibility was to teach them English 2 hours a day during the work days, the rest of the time was absolutely free. I enjoyed my stay so much! We got on with children very well and spent a lot of time together, parents were also very nice. They were revealing to me the real life of the average Spanish family day by day, acquainting me with local customs and traditions. When I first came to the country I simply couldn't communicate in Spanish but the family helped me improve my language skills greatly. We also had a nice week of holidays together in Portugal :) For me it was an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime experience of living in another culture. I am very thankful to Mary for organization of this program and for her immediate help when it was necessary. Hope it was my first but not the last participation in the program ;) Quotes
Language immersion program

Quotes Vincent a passé presque 3 mois dans cette famille accueillante et prévenante. Il a beaucoup apprécié le lycée Agua da Laxe, les sorties avec les copains, la cuisine familiale, Vigo et Gondomar. Nous avons été rassuré par la qualité de la communication qui s'est établie entre Mary et nous pour pouvoir gérer au mieux un ado de bientôt 16 ans. Vincent est revenu heureux et en pleine forme. Ce séjour a été pour lui une expérience enrichissante dans un environnement calme et agréable. Un grand merci à Mary et José pour leur gentillesse. La famille Agostinetti Quotes
Agostinetti Laurent
Joyeuse experience

Quotes Je m'appelle Marlène et je suis française. Je suis venue en Galice pour approfondir mes connaissances en langue familière espagnole. Je dois préciser que je suis légèrement handicapée motrice. Mes trois premiers séjours en Espagne se sont très mal passés. Grâce à María et à sa famille, j'ai pu "oublier" le passé. En effet, je me sentais à la fois écoutée et respectée. María et sa famille sont des gens très gentils et surtout ouverts d'esprit. Ensemble, on a beaucoup ri, parlé et partagé. Je recommande vivement cette adresse! Quotes
Marlène Devin - France
Séjour à Gondomar

Quotes My name is Marlène and I am French. I came to Galicia in order to improve my coloquial Spanish. I must precise I am physically impaired. My last three experiences in Spain were really bad ones. When I was with Mary and her family, I could "forget" about the past. Indeed, I felt both respected and understood as an individual. I felt like an extra member of the family. Mary and her family are really nice and open minded. We could chat and share many nice moments. We laughed a lot. I would just recomand this host family to anyone. Quotes
Marlene Devin- France
Homestay with Mary

Quotes Me llamo Marlène y soy francesa. Viné a Galicia para aprender màs del lenguaje coloquial español. Tengo que precisar que tengo una pequeña minusvalia. Mis tres primeras experiencias en España fueron muy malas. En casa de María, fue todo lo contrario. Me sentia estimada,respectada, escuchada y entendida. Estaba casi como en casa. Su familia es muy amable y abierta de mente. Juntos pudimos charlar y compartir mucho. María y su marido se adaptan a cada huesped e intentan satisfacer todas sus necesidades y ayudarlos a alcanzar sus obje tivos. En breve, no dude en contactar con María. Quotes
Marlène Devin - France
Estancia en casa de María

Quotes Me llamo Ana Blanco,tengo 16 años y soy de Fuerteventura ( Islas Canarias),este viaje a Irlanda,fue mi tercera vez como estudiante en una familia de acogida y sin duda alguna la mejor de todas. Dublin es precioso al igual que todos sus alrededores,la gente tal y como me la imaginaba siempre muy amables y abiertos,el colegio, Sutton Park School,también fue perfecto,con unas clases y actividades muy entretenidas y en las que aprendí muchísimo a la vez que me divertía y conocía gente nueva.La familia también era encantadora,al igual que el resto de familias de mis compañeros,siempre dispuestos a ayudarnos en todo lo que quisiésemos. La verdad es que todo fue muy bien no le encuentro ninguna pega al viaje,tal vez que este año mi estancia fue solo de dos semanas...y de verdad,que me quedé con ganas de mas Quotes
Ana Blanco
Estudiante de Fuerteventura Islas Canarias / Viaje a Dublin

Quotes I am very happy with my stay in Spain. I was fully emerged in a spanish culture which ticked all the boxes such as ;spanish oral speaking, helpful corrections when I made a mistake speaking, spanish food and I had the opportunity to do a great 3 week course in the city. The family were very organised, very friendly, helpful and supportive in my ambitions and goals that I want to achieve. I was even able to take several private classes with Mary which was an extra bonus. I am very happy with my total experience in Spain and I believe i achieved all I wanted to in my months experience. Thank you all for all of your help, advice, patience and for providing me with an experience I will not forget. Lots of love, Aoife Fay. Quotes
Aoife Fay
international student

Quotes The last three months living with a Spanish family in Galicia have been absolutely fantastic, and I definitley recommend anyone looking for a homestay experience to go for it! Gondomarworkshops has been nothing but helpful during my stay, as well as in the processes before the journey. They´re a company you can rely on to be official and thorough without losing the personal touch that only small companies can provide. - a Happy Customer :) Quotes
Not-So-Weary Traveller

Quotes My testimonial is below: I came to Spain last summer with very little knowledge of Spanish and over the course of many weeks, developed a very strong command of the language and passed the DELE exam. I attended courses at the University of Vigo for four hours a day, five days a week. Each lesson was a mixture of grammar lessons, class discussions and conversations, and cultural information. The professors were all very well-organized and structured the lessons to make the class very interesting. I also lived with a host family, which was a great opportunity for me to learn Spanish through conversation, to practice what I had learned in class, and learn more about Spanish culture. Vigo is a beautiful city and when I was not in class, I often went to the beaches and parks. I think that an immersion program is the best way to learn the language because you learn a lot in a very short period of time and are constantly listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. Dana Fortini Quotes
Dana Fortini
Homestay in Spain / Spanish Intensive Summer Program